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Private Events

If you would like to book a Private event with Capitol Cafe, please be aware of our policy.

We must know at least 72 hours in advance to be able to rent the space out to you. We require a minimum on Food/Beverage please contact us as this price may vary depending on supply issues.

In the event you do wish to book the Cafe, please call us at (512) 503-1785 and ask for Brianna Huberty


If you would like to book catering for an event we only offer this service within a limit of a 5 mile radius as we are not that big of a shop. If you have questions about if you are in this radius please contact the shop.

We do offer in house pick up for places that are farther than this radius. If you are needing an order please understand we reserve the right to deny this request if it is under 24 hours as we may be to busy to coordinate a way to drop this off to you.